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Kara Vojcsik

Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Kara Vojcsk is a licensed clinical social worker who has been practicing in the field for over 10 years.  She specializes in individual, couples and family therapy.  Kara has the strong belief that everyone is on a journey and is working through their own life path to become their happiest and healthiest self.  It has always been a passion of hers to help others develop the skills to allow their own light to shine.  Kara is committed to helping others become vulnerable during this therapeutic process to recognize barriers to living an authentic life.  With courage and compassion, Kara strongly believes we are all worthy of living a wholehearted life.


Individual Therapy

Therapy can help bring a new perspective, hope, and understanding to any areas in your life interfering with your happiest and healthiest self.  Some of these issues may include:


– anxiety
– depression
– addiction issues
– anger management
– relationship issues
– divorce
– grief and loss


Couples therapy can be instrumental to help learn new communication techniques as well as to focus on the root of the cause of the stressors in the relationship.  Some of these stressors may include


– infidelity
– family of origins issues
– life transitions
– healing from divorce/separation
– chronic conflict and stress
– financial issues
– parenting
– grief and loss
– medical illness of a partner or family member

Family Therapy

Family therapy can be beneficial by working to change dysfunctional patterns and creating healthy new ways of family interaction.  Some issues to address in family therapy may include


– parent/child conflict
– substance abuse
– blended family
– grief and loss
– extended family conflict
– addiction

Parenting Help

Parenting is quite the adventure and one where as we know there is not a guidebook.  It is so vital to your child’s health that both parents are on the same page.  Parenting help  could also focus on:


–  rules and expectations
–  parenting styles
–  manipulation
– power and control
– positive vs negative reinforcement
– setting boundaries

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your hours?

Currently I work two evenings a week , Monday and Tuesday and an occasional Sunday.  Summer hours will be adjusted. Other days and times can be arranged as needed and as appropriate.

Do you accept health insurance?

I accept Highmark and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans as well as private pay options if you do not have one of the insurance plans I am paneled through.  Please call the office or your insurance company (Highmark or Capital Blue Cross)  to verify you are in network with Kara Vojcsik, LCSW.

Can I pay with credit card?

I accept all major credit cards (including HSA credit cards), checks and cash. Payment or co-payment is due at each session.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please give me at least 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel your appointment, contact my office at 717.730.8555 and leave a message.  Otherwise, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee which is not reimbursed through health insurance.

Is my counseling confidential?

I am committed to keeping everything about your treatment confidential. Successful counseling requires a high degree of trust with sensitive information that is never shared outside of our session. However, in any counseling settings, there are exceptions to confidentiality. The exceptions are as follows:

  1. If you are a threat to yourself or someone else, in which I may need to involve other people or resources to ensure your safety or the safety of others.
  2. In the case of any suspicions of child abuse, which is required by law to be reported.
  3. A court order to release information.
  4. You authorize me to speak to anyone else about your treatment, which requires your signature on a release of information form.

Contact Me


3461 Market Street  Suite 104  Camp Hill, PA 17011

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